97 people were killed and only two survived after a passenger plane crashed into homes of Pakistan's southern city of Karachi on May 22. The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane had made multiple approaches to land at the city's Jinnah International airport when it came down in a residential area. The PIA flight PK-8303 from Lahore was about to land at 14:45 (Pakistan time) when it crashed near model colony, Malir in Karachi. The crash damaged buildings and sparked a rescue operation that lasted into the night. A CCTV video purportedly showing PIA passenger plane crashing in Karachi has emerged on social media platforms. All passengers & crew had been accounted for and the bodies of those killed had been recovered from the crash site, said the Sindh Health Ministry. The Sindh Health Ministry added that 19 had been identified. In the final moments before the crash, recorded on a flight-tracking website, one of the pilots was heard telling the Air Traffic Controller that they had lost both the engines. The pilot also sent out the international distress message, ‘Mayday, Mayday, Mayday’.