What is a Yeti? Interesting Facts About the Abominable Snowman

SOCIAL & VIRAL Team Latestly|

The Yeti has captured our collective imagination ever since stories of its sightings were first reported. For the longest time, Yeti was believed to be  an imaginary creature. After the Indian Army's official Twitter handle shared pictures of large footprints in the snow, the debate of Yeti's existence has been raised again. But what is the Yeti? In this video, we will take you through some of the most interesting facts about Yeti or the abominable snowman.

City Petrol Diesel
New Delhi 101.19 88.82
Kolkata 101.62 91.92
Mumbai 107.26 96.41
Chennai 99.06 93.55
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Company Price Change Value
Axis Banks 1050.00 50.00 533.00
Reliance 1050.00 33.00 533.00
Samsung 1050.00 33.00 533.00
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USD 73.9900 0.04
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