Germany: Two Eurofighter Jets Collide Mid-Air; 1 Pilot Ejects Safely After Crash
File image of 2 Eurofighter jets used by the Luftwaffe | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Berlin, June 24: Two Eurofighter jets of the German Air Force collided mid-air on Monday, officials have confirmed. The crash was reported in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Both pilots ejected from the fighter jets -- however, only one of them has been located so far. The search operation was underway

The crash was reported at around 2pm (local time), close to Lake Muritz, about 62 miles north of Berlin. The Neubrandenburg police, which was roped in for the search operation, found one of the pilots in the forests nearby. His condition is stated to be safe. HAL Delivers 150th Gun Bay Door For Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet

The second pilot, he confirmed, had ejected from the aircraft using his parachute.

Watch Visuals of the Aircrash:

The footage shows smokes engulfing in Neubrandenburg region, where the aircrash was reported.

According to the Luftwaffe, three Eurofighters had taken off on a mission near Laage, Rostock earlier in the day. The third military jet returned back to the military base safely.