Hong Kong Protests Intensify, Pro-Democracy Protesters Storm Into Legislative Council Building - Watch Video
Protests in Hong Kong. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Hong Kong, July 1: Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong intensified on Monday with a group of agitators storming into the government's Legislative Council (LegCo) building on the 22nd anniversary of the city's handover from British to Chinese rule.

In videos shared on social media, protesters armed with metal trolley, poles and pieces of scaffolding are seen smashing a glass door of the government's Legislative Council building. Angry protesters repeatedly rammed a metal trolley and poles at the glass walls at the entrance on and off for several hours and stormed into the government building. Hong Kong Protests: Two Million Descend Onto the City’s Streets.

Using a metal trolley and iron poles, demonstrators rammed the glass exterior of the building as the police in riot gear and shield stood inside watching, their rifles for rubber bullets ready, according to the South China Morning Post. Another group of agitating people tried to smash another glass door on the other side.

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Earlier today, thousands of protesters marched against "excessive interference" by the Chinese government and blocked several roads using items like metal and plastic barriers. They clashed with the police which used pepper sprays on the crowds but all their efforts to pacify the crowd went in vain. A police statement condemned "illegal acts" by protesters who, it said, had taken iron poles and guard rails from nearby building sites.

The pro-democracy protesters want the complete withdrawal of the contentious extradition bill, the resignation of Hong Kong's Beijing-backed leader, Carrie Lam, and the release of all those detained in clashes with the police in June.

On Sunday, thousands of pro-Chinese people took out rallies in support of the territory's police. The handover on this day in 1997 marked the end of British rule in Hong Kong.