Introduction - What is the Forex Market?

The forex market is a market where participants can purchase, sell, exchange and deliberate currencies. The forex market is shaped up with banks, trading companies, central banks, investment management firms, hedge funds etc. In short, it is a market place which allows the exchange of various national currency.

This definition specifies the purpose of the Forex Market but it doesn’t answer the question of its absolute location i.e., is it a physically existing place? or whether its decentralized? Transactions keep on going 24/7 throughout the day, weekly 5 days, and that’s what adds to making it so unprecedented. Everyone around the world around any given time is free to trade and swap currencies using various platforms.

Don’t you wonder by whom is this huge liquid market controlled by?

Position of the Forex Market

To be honest - Forex Market is decentralized . That is the more positive aspect of this – it’s a computerized type of dealing, with certain points in various brokerage corporations, central banks, and financial organizations. There are places where it can be made more convenient for you, but it’s still not a central Forex location. This is a very fast-paced market, and what is the best choice than the internet itself? At the tip of your fingers, whenever you want it – you have to have internet access. Is it decentralized or not? Yes, but there are various online trading platforms made only for forex traders. And people who would like to educate themselves and become forex traders.

The functioning of the Forex Market without having a proper physical location

 Division of the Forex Market

Online information is very easy to access, and all the details of the economy and sudden changes are updated almost immediately. That means traders can buy and sell the funds they want or are responsible for and use it according to their expertise and skill. Forex traders are also helped by a software that uses data to assess the market and foretell movement in economic forecasts with greater precision. In short, the Forex Market is everywhere on the internet.

As the Forex Market is decentralized, and it has no real central (physical) location. It is an automated form of dealing, and its primary feature is high leverage. Computerized management does sound risky, but this the reason this market has such up to date employees who have an eye on everything going on around the world. As the market is computerized it doesn’t need a lot of money financing in order to start trading, and hence this can be concluded as a good way of earning finances overtime.


As a trader or as an individual looking to invest in the Forex Market, it is important to keep in mind that the market is working indefinitely; therefore, you may miss out on some opportunities. There will be more opportunities to earn money and set up an established position as it always works. It is up to you to decide and know when to limit your investment according to the given circumstances and to go frantic on your investment.