Meth Pipe Extracted From a 31-Year-Old Florida Woman’s VAGINA, Additional Charges Pressed Against Her
Meth pipe found inside a 31-year-old's vagina. (Photo Credit: Wiki Commons For representational purposes only)

In a recent bizarre incident, a meth pipe was extracted from a 31-year-old's vagina. Kathrine Graham was booked by St. Lucie police and sent to the county jail in late December. She was charged for an armed robbery by the police, as per reports by Daily Mail. She agreed for a body cavity search in the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute, where doctors revealed a meth pipe which is "a small glass smoking pipe, commonly used for smoking crack or other illegal drugs." South Carolina Woman Who Ripped Her Eyes Out in Drug-Fuelled Frenzy Says it Took Losing Her Eyesight to Get on Right Path.

However, Graham denied having any contraband on her; however, the x-rays did see the something in her pelvic area. According to Daily Mail, she has now been given additional charges against her for possession of drug paraphernalia and for introducing contraband into a detention facility.

Graham was first taken to the local hospital where they could see there was something hidden in her pelvic area. However, she claimed that she didn't have any kind of contraband on her while she was arrested. The officers had to finally take her to the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute. The Medicare located about five miles from the jail put Graham through additional X-rays where they recovered the meth pipe inside her vagina. , and had Graham undergo additional X-rays. There are no reports about how the pipe was found in the location.