Migrants March to US: Over 3,000 in Mexico Enroute American Border, Donald Trump Vows to Stop 'Illegal Aliens'
File image used for representational purpose | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Mexico City, October 22: The migrants' long march to the American border is gaining pace as over 3,000 have crossed the checks at Mexican immigration centre and are moving towards Guatemala. The migrants' caravan, comprising mostly from the crisis-hit Honduras, are determined to reach the United States in hope of a better future.

The marching migrants include educated youths as well, who are eyeing to land a job in southern US provinces. The larger section, however, includes an unskilled and semi-skilled population who have been forced to flee their homeland in wake of food scarcity and zooting unemployment.

US President Donald Trump said his regime would be taking all possible measures to "stop the onslaught of illegal aliens". Turning the precarious issue into a poll plank, Trump appealed the US electorate to vote against the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, as "they have formulated weak laws in favour of the migrants".

With a full Republican majority in the Congress, Trump added, his regime would be empowered to seal the US borders and launch a thorough crackdown on the illegal immigrants present on the American soil.

Official sources in Washington, while speaking to US media, said those immigrants who have applied for refugee status in Mexico would be provided asylum in the US, the rest would be deported back as per the incumbent law.

The international community has appealed the US to act generously in wake of the famine-like situation in Honduras. Mexico, which has so far accepted more than 20,000 migrants from the Central American nation, said it would increase its refugee-holding capacity if the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner extends aid for refugees' intake.