Bengaluru, July 28: Newly appointed Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday announced a scholarship programme for farmers' children to encourage them to continue education. Speaking to reporters after chairing a single-member cabinet meeting today, Bommai said his government is committed to working for the farmers and poorer sections of society.

"I have made some resolutions. Children of the farmers, for their education, higher education and to encourage them to continue education, a new scholarship scheme will be brought for the children of farmers with Rs 1000 crores," said Bommai.

"That's how we have planned to bring decency in finance and work management within the given time, we will give more priority to that. We are also planning to bring down committed expenditure. Our priority is flood and Covid-19 management. Our previous CM has made great efforts to fight COVID-19," he added. Basavaraj Bommai To Take Oath as New Chief Minister of Karnataka at 11 AM Today.

Basavaraj Bommai thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his good wishes.

"I have been chosen as leader of BJP Legislature Party with the blessings of PM, Amit Shah, Nadda Ji and BS Yediyurappa. I have taken an oath today. I have started working now, we haven't formed a full cabinet yet. Still, no confusion will stop the administration that's why I took the cabinet meet and officials meet today," said Bommai.

"In the official's meeting, I have told them about our agenda. Honest, pro-people government, we will prove through our results that all communities including Dalits, women, and everyone. Delay will cause expenditure and corruption, that's why I have told officials not to delay in any work. We will have to work as a team. 'chalta hai' attitude can not be accepted by any officials. They can come to my office any moment they want," he added.

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