Mumbai, June 17: A Jain temple in Mumbai, which was earlier converted into a COVID-19 vaccination centre, is now inoculating beggars and street vendors who do not have any identity proof for free.

J Shah, the vaccination in charge said that the initiative is a humanitarian one and since the only way to protect oneself from the pandemic is the vaccine, inoculating those who have no idea about it is all the more important. COVID-19 Vaccination: From Free Doughnuts to Free Cab Rides, Here's How Different Brands are Encouraging People to Take The Coronavirus Vaccine Shot.

"They are being vaccinated under a special session that we create in the second half of our drive with the help of doctors. We counsel them before administering the vaccine as many of them do not even know about the pandemic, and are very adamant about getting injected", Shah told ANI.

A beneficiary of the initiative, Alka, a household help said, "I did not have any identity proof or the access to technology to get myself vaccinated. I was aware of the vaccine and was also keen about getting my dose, but with the lack of requisites and time, I could not get my shot earlier".

Another beneficiary, Asha said that although she was aware of the pandemic, she had no idea about the vaccine. She also mentioned that she did not have an identity card. The beneficiaries of this special session were thankful for the initiative and were happy to receive their vaccine jab.

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