New Delhi, Sep 1 (PTI) Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar on Tuesday said remaining three labour codes on industrial relations, social security and occupational safety and health will be tabled in the ensuing Monsoon session of the Parliament.

"The three codes would come in the Monsoon session of the Parliament which is scheduled to begin on September 14. We have circulated draft rules of the Code on Wages which would also be finalised soon," Gangwar said addressing a virtual FICCI conference on ' Code on Wages: Safeguarding Rights of Lakhs of Essential Services Workers'.

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The minister also asked the FICCI participants to consolidate their suggestions on the labour codes especially 'Wage' and sent that to his ministry for effective implementation of the labour laws in the country.

The central government has been working to concise 44 central labour laws into four broad codes on wages, industrial relations, social security and occupational health & safety (OCH).

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The Code on Wages was approved by the Parliament last year. The draft rules on the code were circulated for feedback. Once those are notified, it would become law of the land.

The remaining three codes on industrial relations, social security and OCH were introduced in Lok Sabha last year and then sent for scrutiny of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour.

The committee has submitted its report on the remaining three codes. Now the three codes would be pushed for passage in the Parliament during the Monsoon session.

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