Washington [US], July 2 (ANI): It has been intriguing to track the shift to Wear OS 3 for smart wearables, and with each fresh piece of information, we can slowly see how Wear OS will develop in the long run. The most recent data is provided by Fossil, a well-known Wear OS wearable OEM.

According to a Reddit post, a Fossil representative gave an update on the condition of the company's smartwatches, mentioning recent changes to the user interface and the debut of a companion app. There is also a statement regarding the shift to new devices arriving with the Wear OS 3 software and some smartwatches receiving an update, as per GSM Arena.

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The timeline for H2 2022, which was provided almost a year ago, is in line with the announcement of Wear OS 3 coming to Fossil watches later this year.

The new app was created primarily to make it simpler to discontinue outdated functionality and incorporate fresh user feedback. The new app offers a freshly designed user interface (UI) with a more user-friendly layout, and it gets smartwatches from the brands ready to support Wear OS 3 on existing and future wearables.

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The Fossil employee reveals that in order to enable the new wearables software, Google is working on a new Fossil app. Instead of relying on the Wear OS app, OEMs will be able to manage the experience with their own companion apps.

According to GSM Arena, the Google Pixel Watch is anticipated to have its own app, according to a recent leak, while Montblanc's Summit 3 is anticipated to have its own companion app as well. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a Samsung companion app.

Given how long this transition has been going on, OEMs and smartwatch manufacturers have found it to be a significant challenge. However, the payoff will be that Wear OS will be a more competitive alternative to the Apple Watch and that the default smartwatch experience for Android will be that much more similar to how the Apple Watch functions with iPhone. (ANI)

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