Hyderabad (Telangana)[India], May 8 (ANI): Since the lockdown was imposed, several individuals and NGOs have used unique ways like crowdfunding to lend a helping hand to people facing a shortage of food and other essentials.Recently, an 11-year-old Ridhi from Hyderabad received generous contributions from across the globe through crowdfunding. She has collected over Rs 7.48 lakh and has distributed 1,250 ration kits to daily wagers. She has plans to distribute 500 more kits in the coming days.Meanwhile, NGOs like Milaap, which opened its crowdfunding platform for coronavirus led problems on March 22, has been able to collect about Rs 90 crore with the help of thousands of individuals. Using the online crowdfunding platform, the organisation helped stranded migrants and daily wage labourers getting access to essentials and community kitchens. It also helped peripheral communities such as trans people, male sex workers, circus artistes, drivers, delivery personnel, rural artisans, dancers and freelance workers."During the times of natural calamities like floods in Chennai, Assam and Kerala, crowdfunding has enabled people to unite and help the worst affected section of people rebuild their lives. It was a stroke of hope to see it happen at a time like this when everyone's life is displaced in some way or another," said Anoj Viswanathan, president and co-founder of Milaap.The preliminary purpose of the fundraising was for food, meals and ration for the worst-affected segments, like daily wage earners and migrant workers, followed by funds for medical and personal protective equipment for healthcare and other frontline workers.Among others, Luis Miranda, Chairman of CORO and Centre for Civil Society also started a fundraiser on Milaap to raise funds to distribute essential items to daily wage workers. So far, he has raised about 70 per cent of the required Rs 1.3 crore.Speaking about his fundraising experience, Miranda said, "Milaap has been a great partner. When CORO decided to crowdfund for support to daily wage earners who were impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown, Milaap immediately agreed to let us use its platform without any fee. This was the first time I was raising funds on an online platform and getting onto the platform was relatively easy. The team was very responsive to our requests. And the response from donors has been amazing. We are glad we went with Milaap." (ANI)

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