Brandon Jacobi’s new discovery, Blood Sugar Formula, has the potential to deal with blood pressure and blood sugar levels together with one ingredient commonly found in the stainless steel of the refrigerator. Collaborating with Pure Health Research, he was able to formulate a unique formula of chromium named Blood Sugar Formula. Do you want to know more? This in-depth review covers all the important details you need to know before buying the Blood Sugar Formula.

Product Description – Blood Sugar Formula

Blood Sugar Formula is a dietary capsule that aims to regulate blood sugar levels, especially after the age of 40. This product rushes the body with a new level of energy and curbs fatigue. There is no need to sip on black coffee every day as the Blood Sugar Formula is also said to reduce the waistline and shed pounds.


According to Brandon, the Blood Sugar Formula is only one of the best supplements that starts showing noticeable results within just a few weeks. It can help you stay in a constant state of peace as this formulation controls the blood sugar levels naturally.

That’s not all, every ingredient is used in the right proportion to deliver maximum benefits to the cells and body. The Blood Sugar Formula is made under GMP conditions and is an FDA verified product. Therefore, it is completely safe to use. Order now.

Recommended Dosage

One capsule every day with a glass of water before breakfast.

How does the Blood Sugar Formula work?

The imbalance between the sugar levels and the sugar-controlling hormone causes “rusting” of the metabolism, making it appear old and malfunctioning. The author links the root cause of diabetics with the “sugar rust” and it can only be overcome by chromium-24 in stainless steel. Chromium-24 gives stainless steel its anti-corrosive and shining properties. This element besides being present in stainless steel is also found abundantly in nature.

Find out if Blood Sugar Formula would work for you or not

The effectiveness of chromium against blood sugar control is supported by a research center, the National Biotechnology Center of Information. Other ingredients like vitamin C, white mulberry leaf, bitter melon, vitamin E, and juniper berries further boost the functioning of chromium. All the ingredients of the Blood Sugar Formula are clinically tested and have a scientific background. To know more about Blood Sugar Formula ingredients, visit the official site.


  • It helps in getting a reduced waistline and a flat belly.
  • Your blood sugar levels will start staying within a healthy limit.
  • There is no need to keep track of your blood sugar levels.
  • Formula tested by professional researchers and laboratories.
  • The setup is based in the USA.
  • The formula revitalizes energy levels and kicks off depression.
  • Backed by a one-year money-back guarantee
  • No side effects
  • It strengthens the heart muscles and keeps the bad cholesterol at bay.
  • Free shipping and handling
  • It regulates healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Made under GMP conditions
  • All the ingredients together boost metabolism and trigger fat burning.
  • It is FDA certified.


  • The user has to make a repurchase every 30 days if he goes for a deal three
  • Cannot be taken by children under 18
  • Pregnant and lactating women should quit using it.
  • It is only available online on its official site.


Price Packages, Savings, and Discounts on Blood Sugar Formula

Even though the Blood Sugar Formula comes from a reliable source of Pure Health Research, it is not expensive and is offered in three bundle packages.

According to the quality of ingredients used in the formula, the Blood Sugar Formula can easily cost $197. However, since this is a newly launched product, you can buy it only for $39. Depending on the package you choose, one bottle of Blood Sugar Formula can cost from $0.96 to $1.30 per day.

Deal #1 – 180 Day Supply

This most popular package covers six bottles of Blood Sugar Formula and each costs $29. With a saving of $228, the customer only has to pay a bill of $174.

Deal #2 – 90 Day Supply

In the 90-day supply package, the cost of each bottle raises to $34. However, the customer still makes a saving of $99 and pays $102.

Deal #3 – 30 Day Supply

The deal 3 sells one bottle of Blood Sugar Formula at its regular price that is $39. Upon selecting this package, the user still saves $28 on his bill.

Free Gifts with Blood Sugar Formula

To make things more interesting, with every purchase of Blood Sugar Formula, you will get two digital bonuses, each having a $39.95 worth.

Bonus #1 – Homemade Blood Sugar Remedies

With the bonus one, users will discover yummy and calorie-restricted recipes made with everyday foods to boost the results of the Blood Sugar Formula. Step-to-step instructions for healthy homemade meals will make cooking easy.

Bonus #2 – Thin in 60 Seconds

This bonus is all about keeping yourself in shape. Thin in 60 Seconds shares some secret exercises that can be done within a minute to shape the mid-section of the body. If you do not have enough time to invest in a gym and exercise, this bonus indeed will be a blessing for you. More packages can be accessed from here.


To make your purchase easier, this review also covers some commonly asked questions. The list is as follows:

Which Package to Choose?

If you are a beginner and want to test the product, it is then advised to go for deal three. The author recommends bulk buying with deals one and two to prevent any break from taking the Blood Sugar Formula and kick off any worries about the increasing cost or shipping charges.

Is the Payment and Transaction Method Secure?

All payments and transactions are secured, as Pure Health Research uses encrypted merchant accounts that offer the same level of security Amazon and Walmart have for their customers. Therefore, all customer details are in safe hands.

How Long to Use the Product?

Healthy blood sugar levels require constant maintenance to live a hale and hearty life. To achieve long-term and optimal results, it is recommended to take one capsule every day as long as you can.

What if you Do not Like the Product?

Pure Health Research is a well-known company and has always ensured customer satisfaction. They offer a rock-solid one-year money-back guarantee at every purchase of Blood Formula. No questions asked. 

How Long Will the Delivery Take?

Local orders are shipped by express delivery within only two to five days. It does not include US holidays. Every customer gets a confirmation email with tracking details to track the order.

Who Should Use the Blood Sugar Formula?

Blood Sugar Formula is a natural product for every man and woman who is tired of their poor health conditions and is looking for a reliable way to have optimal health. It is not for teenagers, pregnant or nursing women.

How do you get the Bonuses?

There is no additional step to get the bonuses. As soon as the order gets confirmed, the customer will receive the digital format of both the bonuses in his email. Make sure you enter the right email address! As a matter of appreciation for trying Blood Sugar Formula, Pure Health Research does not ask users to return bonuses if they do not like the product.

Final Words on the Blood Sugar Formula

Blood Sugar Formula is an all in one dietary formula to lead a successful and healthy life. These dietary capsules are much better than high claim medications and drugs as the Blood Sugar Formula targets all health concerns in one go. The product is made and verified by Pure Health Research, a well-known company in the health industry that promises to serve its customers authentic and purest form of supplements. Book your order now.

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