New Delhi, July 10: LG is planning to go beyond just making home appliances. LG is reportedly introducing a software suite called LG Playware, which will bring advanced entertainment and information systems to cars. It means that LG is expanding their expertise into the automotive industry to enhance the driving experience by providing the latest technology for entertainment and information purposes.

As per reports, LG Playware Integration is coming to the cars. It will likely enhance the driving experience by providing car passengers with access to Netflix. The LG Playware Integration is also anticipated to include AR navigation features to make driving safer and more efficient. As per a report of India Today, LG Playware brings Netflix and AR navigation to cars, with the rollout starting with Hyundai and Kia cars. Reports also suggest that LG Playware is already being used in Korea, China, Europe, and the US. Xiaomi Showcases SU7 Luxury Sedan in India, Aims To Source 55% Phone Components Locally in Country Aligning With ’Make in India’ Initiative.

LG might be considering to bring Playware to cars in India. However, there is no official announcement regarding the availability of Playware in India or a specific timeline for its introduction. It means that Indian car owners will likely soon have access to the advanced entertainment and information systems provided by LG Playware. As per reports, LG Playware will offer a similar experience to watching TV but in your car. When a user activates LG Playware, it is like turning on your TV. Users can enjoy various services and content, including popular platforms like Netflix and YouTube. Tesla’s Robotaxi To Launch on August 8, Elon Musk Expects Quasi-Infinite Demand; Check Details.

Additionally, LG is also working on bringing local content to the Playware platform, so drivers and passengers can have access to a wide range of entertainment options. For now, it is expected that the LG Playware will be limited to Kia and Hyundai models. Valentin Janiaut, the leader of LG's vision in mobility software for the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) says, "We hope to expand to other brands in the future,"

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