Finance is the lifeblood of a country.

Out of the real industry, can blossom and bear fruit, but also drive the global currency flow, but how to distinguish between good and evil trees? From traditional finance to Internet finance to block chain finance, the soil of each stage undertakes the mission of economic lifeline tree, among which, there have been various serious financial defect mechanisms endangering the global economic health. Especially in today's financial world, all kinds of assets howling, financial assets become the buyer's market, stock market panic PE create a new low, the bulk bubble broke, the subprime mortgage crisis one after another, innovation fraud extended under the background of the times.

September 2020, The total value of statistics is locked (in US dollars)$1.111 billion. DeFi development prospects 1.2.1, From concept to landing, Announcing De.Fi, from Dharma Labs co-founder and coo Brendan Forster august 2018 A Community for Decentralized Finance Platforms》 declared DeFi, The birth of decentralized finance or open finance. DeFi concept goes through iterations, Has evolved from the original "financial reformers" to the "financial revolutionaries ", Block chain technology began to change from applications serving finance to reshaping finance, Catalyze its rapid landing. DeFi's prologue was in the decentralised lending business, Then gradually transition to today's more product larger territory, It will implement the traditional financial world through intelligent contracts and perform in the blockchain world, On the basis of the original step by step to improve the optimization, Gradually there are innovative products that the traditional financial world does not have. Innovative reorganisation, Bring civilization level transition.

Macedon unite System blockchain DEFI 2.0 under the DEFI wave

Macedonian block chain distributed financial platform-the MUSO is born in time, take advantage of the situation!

MUSO -----Macedon unite System blockchain DEFI

A new generation of open financial ecological platforms will be established based on the top financial markets,

Wall Street philosophy to maximize the block chain community to "chase" benefits!

MUSO will set up a new generation of open financial ecological platform on the basis of the top financial trading market, and improve and upgrade the existing financial business or service. Using the characteristics of co-construction trust, transparency and openness, non-tampering of block chain technology, some existing financial services and business will lead to upgrading and transformation needs. In the new era of block chain, breaking through the isolated island of information, establishing the mechanism of information horizontal circulation, gradually promoting the formation of data and information scene based on globalization, adapting to the financial scene, and making the global financial era enter the tide of the application era;

MUSO will build a new generation of DEFI ecological platform based on the top financial trading market with independent public chain, support cross-chain cooperative interaction of different DEFI products, introduce wind control guarantee mechanism, combine the platform's own decentralized governance model, launch enterprise-level digital asset wallet, decentralized financial "smart wallet ", POS mechanism of piecewise technology block chain network, encrypted money electronic brokerage service providers, digital asset management platform, block chain game developers, all kinds of financial derivatives trading, and other comprehensive coverage scenarios.

And MUSO financial ecological scenarios include: chain securities, chain futures, chain insurance, chain social, chain business, and so on, then form a "borrow "," loan "," guarantee "," invest" and "reason" multi-party benign game, and innovatively provide credit modules as a strong support for credit products on the platform to serve all investors and preachers around the world, so that they can enjoy the quality investment products that are usually enjoyed by high net worth people, enjoy equal wealth growth power with high net worth groups, so that even investors in backward countries can enjoy quality financial services, reshuffle the online and offline financial world, Become the block chain of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of digital money!

MUSO public chain has become a new financial scene and demand under the distributed basic support, in the public chain, leverage DEFI global open financial new ecology of a new civilization!