Spektral Investment Bank, a recently founded Investment bank with 800 million EU paid in kind  capital that is composed of exclusive licenses of  pharmaceutical drug patents and valuated mining licenses has concluded an acquisiton deal with BtcBam team, a renowned software company that owns 7 blockchains and a cryptocurrency exchange known as Bitturex; which soon to be converted to the first cryptocurrency project investment exchange.


"We will be initiating coin sales worldwide after the conclusion of our deal with Mr Erdal Can Alkoclar and Mr Metehan Yesil, the co-chairmans of Spektral Investment Bank. With our highly capable technical team and with the collateral strength and dynamic securitization of our assets, it will be a great and joyful journey  I firmly believe." said Mr Gökhan Alkan, the CEO of BTCBAM and Bitturex.

Spektral Investment Bank will be acquisiting  25% shares of BTCBAM and Bitturex. In exchange the Kosovon Investment Bank will be providing full scale project envouchments for every project which will be listed in Bitturex. Bank will also be providing collaterals for the tokenization of the projects receiving crypto-funding in order to maximize their commercial Potential.

"It definitely is the most exciting project and most impressive team we have yet to meet. The acceptance of our merging offer is a simultaneous honor and enthrillment for myself and our bank. The blockchain algorithms and the technical infrastructure BtcBam holds literally mesmerized us. We look further to take part in every new blockchain they will create. We also plan to initiate negotiations of cooperation regarding our new blockchain projects with major exchanges like Binance, OkekX and Kraken. We firmly hope that our new concept of investment exchange will be embraced and appreciated by them. We are also planning to initiate the establishment of partial tokenization of our bank whose technical aspect will be facilitated by the amazing team of BtcBam." expressed Mr Erdal Can Alkoclar.

BTC BAM is a Vienna-based cryptocurrency mining company managed by entrepreneurs and professionals. The company's vision is to create a platform that allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to earn through mining. In addition, the platform encourages users to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

BTC BAM offers an  simple, easy and accessible method of earning passive income.

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