Sushant Singh Rajput's shocking suicide has opened a lot of can of worms. While people are busy making Karan Johar and nepotism the reason behind the actor's life-ending decision, others have decided to expose a lot of irregularities in the industry. Abhinav Kashyap, the man who directed Dabangg and is Anurag Kashyap's brother, accused Salman Khan and his family for sabotaging his career. Anurag has now reacted to it saying something that could silence everyone asking him to react on the issue. Dabangg Director Abhinav Kashyap Accuses Salman Khan and Family For Sabotaging His Career, Says Won't Cow Down Anymore (View Posts)
Abhinav wrote long FB posts on how he struggled in the industry and how Salman Khan affected his career. Anurag here adds that two years back, his brother had asked him to stay away from his matters and that's what he will do. Check out the tweet here..

Abhinav alleged, 'I hope the people who have personally suffered at the hand of others can find the courage to write their own story with names. Expose your own tormentors. Or else don't expect any help from me.. This is my own struggle against the Salman Khan family and I alone am enough to take these guys on. I will never commit suicide but should anything untoward happen to me.. By now the country knows who to blame... Treat this as my police statement. cheers."
This is getting murkier every day. Now we are waiting to see how Salman Khan is going to react to it.

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