Gulaal Actor Savi Sidhu Becomes Security Guard to Earn Money to Kickstart His Acting Career Again – Watch Video
Savi Sidhu (Photo Credits: YouTube/Film Companion Hindi)

Every day thousands of aspiring actors land in Mumbai to pursue their dreams. Some succeed, some don't. Some get stuck in sort of a purgatory where they don't belong to either of the worlds. Meet actor Savi Sidhu,  who has worked in movies like Anurag Kashyap's Gulaal and Black Friday, and has now resorted to a life of oblivion as a security guard to make ends meet. Today, when the internet is busy talking about Chowkidars, this story about a chowkidar should not be missed at any cost. Film Companion Hindi conducted an interview with Savi, where the man of the hour talked about his struggles and what prompted the drastic career move. Anurag Kashyap Lists BEST Bollywood Movies of 2018!

One might think that it was the lack of a levelled field for actors from different backgrounds that was the spoilsport in Savi's career. But the actor cites his deteriorating health at the prime of his career the reason behind his drastic career shift. "Kaam ki kabhi problem nahi hui. Mujhe hi chhodna pada ki mai nahi kar pa raha hoon. You know... it was like kya mere liye wait kar raha hai... yaha jaise logo ko kaam milta nahi aur mere pas itna kaam hai ki mai kaam nahi kar pa raha. Meri health problems badh rahi hain. Meri financial problems bhi badh gayi, health problems bhi badh gayi toh kaam khatam ho gaya," he said.

The actor added that in those years he lost his wife, his father, his mother, his father-in-law and several other family members and it broke him. Savi turned to the security guard job to make ends meet. He explains the struggles of the 12-hours-shift he does.

Hear the story in Savi's words in the video below:

The actor has not lost hope. Savi says that he doesn't have money to even watch movies at current. "It is a dream to watch movies," he added. He said once he has saved enough money to trave and meet producers and directors, he will look for jobs in acting again. "They are waiting for me, mai aa raha hoon," he concluded the video with these words.