When Shah Rukh Khan Stole Katrina Kaif's Cool Denim Jacket! View Pic
When Kat borrowed SRK's jacket! (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Katrina Kaif's character in the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan featuring Zero is quite domineering. She even shouts at SRK's character. 'OUT!' she screams at him! While Shah Rukh Khan plays a vertically challenged man in Anand L Rai's directorial venture, Anushka Sharma plays a paraplegic in the movie. It is Katrina Kaif's character that has drawn our undivided attention thanks to the power she wields.

And this image proves that Kat has extended her powerful persona beyond celluloid to steal Shah Rukh Khan's cool denim jacket. Or so did it seem. Yes! It was SRK who was first seen sporting the jacket, Kat then borrowed it from him only to look cool and rebellious. Zero Trailer Launch: Shah Rukh Khan Dodges Question About Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas Wedding - Watch Video


We know the chemistry SRK enjoys with Katrina Kaif. She is so close to SRK that there were jokes about Kat operating as SRK's manager. 'The Bad Girl' tag on the jacket is quite unmistakeable. Now isn't this cute? We definitely think it is! And now the trailer of Zero is out we just can't wait to watch the movie now.

“The story needed Shah Rukh Khan and that’s why he is there. It’s not that ‘now let me work with Shah Rukh Khan’, that was not the decision. I needed somebody as strong as him to come onboard because you need to be a very self-assured actor to play this role. To let go those two feet is not easy. But then you have to be very sure about yourself and Shah Rukh Khan is very sure about himself.” said Anand L Rai about SRK and wjy he opted to cast him in Zero!