Daniel Radcliffe Says He Wouldn’t Watch ‘Harry Potter’ Play As the Audiences Would Look at Him for His Reaction
Daniel Radcliffe (Photo Credit: Getty images)

Los Angeles, November 23: Daniel Radcliffe says the reason he would not go and watch the Broadway play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" because rather than the act, audiences would look at him for his reaction. During his appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers", the 29-year-old actor said his decision was not based on the possibility that the play would throw him "into some existential crisis". "I always give a really boring, terrible answer. I'm probably not going to see it, I don't have plans to. Not because I think it would throw me into some sort of existential crisis of like, 'Oh, is that what happened?'," he told Meyers.

Radcliffe said he believes it would not be a "relaxing" experience for him if he goes to watch the play. "I feel like I would be being watched for my reaction. And maybe that is completely conceited and egotistical and people wouldn't care, but I do feel if I was just surrounded by 'Harry Potter' fans, it would be a little odd," he added. Daniel Radcliffe Loves Fact-checking?

Meyers then asked him if he considered going in disguise, to which Radcliffe said, "The thing about a disguise is that if it stops working, then you're just a dude who wore a disguise."