Before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness released, there were a lot of rumours about it having an endless number of cameos. From Tom Cruise’s Iron Man to Deadpool having his MCU debut, nearly all basis were covered. Welp, the movie is out now, and that discourse can finally end as we all know who showed up as cameos in it. With that being said, before we dive deep, this is an article with spoilers in it, so if you haven’t watched the film, watch it and then read this. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Movie Review: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Marvel Film Revels in Sam Raimi’s Horror Vibes and Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch Act (LatestLY Exclusive).

Well Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness isn’t exactly the Multiverse of Cameos you were expecting it to be, although it still does pull off some many neat surprises. While the appearance of Professor X, Captain Carter and Captain Marvel was already revealed in the trailers, it still did feature some crowd-pleasing appearances and deaths that had me gasping in my seat. So, with that being said, let’s dive right into it and rank all the cameos that were featured in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Star Benedict Cumberbatch Says Shah Rukh Khan Will Make A ‘Great’ Addition To The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Watch The Trailer:


Charlize Theron (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Charlize Theron plays the role of Clea and shows up during the Mid-Credits scene of the movie. Asking the help of Strange as an incursion is coming up, Theron rocked the outfit and looked great as the character. Can’t wait for her to show up in the MCU again.

Black Bolt

Anson Mount as Black Bolt in Inhumans (Photo Credit: Twitter)

After the disastrous launch of Inhumans, Anson Mount was given a second chance to play the role, and oh boy, was it mind-blowing (pun totally intended). This time, he donned the iconic outfit from the comics with the pitchfork helmet as well. He looked perfect as the character. Although I do wish that we would have gotten a bit more of him.

Captain Marvel

Lashana Lynch as Captain Marvel (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Lashana Lynch plays a multiversal variant of Captain Marvel here. She has one of the best action scenes in the film as she faces off against Wanda. Holding off her own against the Scarlet Witch, she was honestly pretty cool to witness in action.

Captain Carter

Hayley Atwell as Captain Carter (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Hayley Atwell reprised the role of Peggy Carter, although this time played the role of Captain Carter from What If…? While she is not the same character from the show, her appearance here was definitely a treat to watch as she had quite the exciting fight scene with Wanda. She also did put on a great Darth Maul impression at the end, if you know what I mean.

Mr Fantastic

John Krasinski (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Everyone has been fan casting John Krasinski as Reed Richards for many years now, and it looks like they finally get their wish here. Krasinski dons the blue costume with the four logo on it and is great in the role. Although, he does end up turning into spaghetti by Wanda. Here is hoping that he returns again as the character

Pizza Poppa Vendor

Bruce Campbell as Ash (Photo Credit: Twitter)

It’s tradition for a Sam Raimi film to have Bruce Campbell at least in some capacity. Here, Campbell portrays the role of a Pizza Poppa vendor. After heckling Strange, he gets a spell put on him that makes him keep punching himself. Having one of the most hilarious end-credits scenes in the MCU, Campbell breaks the fourth wall and let’s the audience know that the movie is over.

Professor X

Patrick Stewart as Professor X (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Patrick Stewart reprises the role of Charles Xavier over here, and it was great to see this legend step back into the role again. Quoting the previous X-Men films and having the animated theme play during his entrance, this was the definition of fan service. He also has a great scene with Wanda, although it ends with him having his neck snapped.

All the members of the Illuminati meet an extremely violent death, although I would be lying to myself if I say that it didn’t have me jumping with excitement in my seat. Hopefully some of those characters do return again to MCU someday. With Fantastic Four in development, we aren’t sure who will play Reed Richards, but fingers crossed that it’s Krasinski.

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