James Franco Returns In The #MeToo News, Busy Philipps Reveals Details  Of Physical Assault On The Sets Of Freaks And Geeks
Busy Philipps opens up about assault by James Franco. Picture Courtesy: Instagram

Busy Philipps has opened a can of worms explaining in detail of the horrors of working with James Franco on the sets of Freaks and Geeks. Franco, who has had a rather famous name in the bad behaviour by Hollywood celebrities' department did something nasty to Busy Philipps. In her new book This Will Only Hurt A Little, she divulged in-depth of how she was physically assaulted by the actor during the shooting of one of the scenes.

In her memoir, she called him a "f**king bully" and stated, "It felt like over the summer he had read Easy Riders, Raging Bull or something and had decided that the only way to be taken seriously was to be a f--king prick." She also wrote about the time when Franco threw her on the ground during the filming of one of the episodes. She described the scene in her book as this: "The director asked me to sort of hit James in the chest as we ran after the car and say my line."

Philipps describes what happened next. "James did not say his line in response. Instead, he grabbed both my arms and screamed in my face, 'DON'T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!' And he threw me on the ground. Immediately, I could feel the wet hot stinging of tears, but I tried like hell to suck them back in." They reshot the scene and Philipps ran to Linda Cardellini's trailer to open up about the dilemma.

Post the incident, as per Philipps' writing, Franco did apologize the next day on set for what happened the previous day. "He smiled and hugged me," she notes. "And I don't need to tell you this, but James is a f--king movie star. He was horrible to me, yes, but he's also gorgeous and charming as hell. That's where the manipulation lives."

Busy Philipps also added that Franco didn't consider her to be a good actor and he "He treated me as if I were inconsequential, barely there," she stated in her book. Her book is set to release on October 16.