John Wick 3: Keanu Reeves on Why He Loves the Character and His Favorite Action Sequence From the Film
John Wick 3 starring Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves is all set to entertain us once again as the popular character John Wick in the third instalment of the franchise. The film has received positive reviews from the critics and boasts of some never-seen-before action sequences. What's amazing is that the action sequences in the film are shot without CGI. Fans of the franchise are eager to catch the film in India as well as globally.

Speaking about working on the third film and the 54-year-old stars talks pulling off action sequences at his age and why he loves the character of John Wick in this interview.

Did your training regimen have to change at all with going for the last film?

Keanu Reeves: Um, yeah, it was a, it was more. I had the benefit of the training for John Wick and then training for John Wick: Chapter Two. And so I got a little bit better just a little higher hand. Just because you're doing the reps, right? You're doing all the work for all the judo, all of the weapons training and in this one and it had some knives and some swords and some horse riding. So, there was new things to do and learn which the gift of John Wick is.

One of the popular action sequences in the film involves a knife. How tough was it to work on that? 

Keanu Reeves: That was really tough and really challenging and really fun. Yeah.

What do you love about the character, John Wick? How do you feel like working on this film?

Keanu Reeves- For me to put the suit on was a great pleasure. I absolutely loved the character. I love his will. I love his grief. For me, it’s kind of rich, deep, soulful character you know for the love with his wife in a partnership. And I love his will to try and survive. I love that he is a facility. I love the way he is capable of. And I like his sense of humour. I think he is a good man in that world.

Which is your favourite action scene in the film?

Keanu Reeves- It’s hard to pick a favourite action scene in John Wick 3 because in like traditional John Wick not but the John Wick the knife fight. Kind of classic but a little more complexity. Actually, I think in terms of where Chad Stahelski, the director, his visionary took the action the motorcycle sequence so that there is a difference. That’s the real world but there’s also some CG involved and tried to make it in sort of computer-generated environment look real. Pure kind of unique I think the gun sequence on the horse is pretty special.

How was your experience collaborating with director Chad Stahelski?

Keanu Reeves- Working with Chad Stahelski was really fun, he is a great collaborator. And we have had the chance to do with John Wick. We both kind of have the same taste. It’s shorthand. He likes what I tend to like in terms of action, cinema and we can just talk about stories and characters and there is a shorthand and also inventiveness. So I really enjoyed that he is a really good director. He knows what he wants. He knows what to communicate. He knows what he is seeing. And he is a good guy. John Wick 3: Keanu Reeves Opens Up About the Physical Challenges He Faced During His Training for the Film

Halle Berry's a new character that's added to the John Wick franchise. How did she push you as an actor and what does her character bring to the franchise?

Keanu Reeves: Well, the character we have a past, and I go to Halle Berry's characters, Sophia, for some help. And I have her marker. So, she has some obligations that she might not want to fulfil. Halle is a wonderful artist and there's such depth and for the action, there was such commitment and she's so great at the drama, at characterization and honesty and she's great with the action.

The Continental is not John’s safe haven anymore and he can't use that as a safety net. So how does that push John this time around the movie?

Keanu Reeves: He’s alone, he has to fend for himself. Yeah. So part of the film is how does he solve this situation? The consequences? Right. So the film starts right after chapter two, and he's got an hour, right? Winston gave him, but he's ex-communicado when there was an open contract, but he's got an hour, so he's got to figure something out. And that's the hijinks of the film from John's character. There are new other hijinks for other characters.  John Wick 3: Halle Berry Confesses She Wanted to Fight Like Keanu Reeves in This Action Film.

At the end of the franchise, would you rather see John Walk off into the sunset or die in battle?

Keanu Reeves: Hmm if it was Marvel. I could do both. I can die in battle and then come back. But what would I prefer? I want John to be happy. So, let's have him walk out in the sunset because he's not, he's fighting for his life. So if there's a battle to be won, it's his life. So that he can remember the love and for Helen. So, walk off into the sunset.

John Wick is all set to hit the theatres in India on May 16. The film will be clashing with Ajay Devgn's De De Pyaar De.