Matthew McConaughey Recalls a Horrifying Snake Encounter While Living in Australia
Matthew McConaughey (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Actor Matthew McConaughey has revealed that he once had a near-death experience with a snake when he used to live in Australia. During a show, the actor recalled almost getting bitten by a brown snake, reports"When I was here, I almost stepped on one and I should have been bitten," he said. Matthew McConaughey Turns Chef for California Firefighters, Oscar-Winning Star Helps Prepare Meals for the Wildfires Rescue Team

"Yeah, I was going back in the back shed down in a friend's house in Waterville and stepped on something. It was a bit dark and just as I opened it, I saw it went right through my legs and it gave me a bit of a scare. And then my friend came over and they caught it and they said,‘'That's a brown snake, mate. That could have really s**ked'." Brad Pitt May Feature in Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Gentlemen’ Starring Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey

Despite almost being bitten by the reptile, the Oscar winner said that it's still his favourite Australian animal: "That's my favourite animal because it didn't bite me."