Rapper Tay-K Faces 55 Years in Prison for 21-Year-Old’s Murder and Armed Robbery
TAY-K faces 55 years in prison punishment (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Tay-K sentenced to 55-years in jail. The rapper has been in trouble before for a lot of reasons. The ongoing saga of criminal activities has now brought the rapper to court for murders and robberies. The stories date back to when the rapper was just 15-16. He has been accused of robbing houses and killing people before this recent trial. On Friday, he was finally sentenced to serve his time in prison and there’s a lot more going on than just a 55 years punishment. ASAP Rocky Arrested in Sweden After Rapper Tosses a Guy Across the Street (Watch Video).

If you don’t know who Tay-K is, he is a 19-year-old rapper from Long Beach California. He’s best known for his hit song The Race. his real name is Taymor McIntyre. On Friday he was found guilty of murder and he will be serving up to 99 years in prison, from that 40 years is mandatory. On Tuesday, the jury sentenced him to 55 years of punishment with 13 years for robbery and an additional 13 years since there were three victims. McIntyre was involved in a robbery and murder when he and his peers tried to loot a house and ended up killing 21-year-old Ethan Walker. ASAP Rocky Case: Trevor Noah Questions Donald Trump’s Attempts to Free Rapper From Swedish Prison.

The defence attorney Temani M. Adams has said he might spend five to 99 years in prison and at least 40 years is guaranteed. Tay-K has also been accused of several other murders and crimes. He had released music while he was fleeing from the police. He was accused of being involved in the murders of Mark Saldivar, 23, at a Chick-fil-A in San Antonio in April of 2017. The next month after the murder, his involvement was traced in the robbery of Skip Pepe, 65, when Skip was walking in Arlington’s Cravens Park.

Ethan Walker’s mother says the authorities didn’t call a single witness when the killing of her son took place in 2017. Tay-K was 16 in 2017 and he could not be arrested. Roberta Walker tells the authorities she and her husband had adopted Ethan when he was just seven years old.