'Taimur's On Potty', Saif Ali Khan's Reason for Not Bringing His Little Tot on National Television Will Leave You in Splits (Watch Video)
Saif Ali Khan on Times Now (Photo Credit: Twitter)

The lockdown of 21 days has made lives a bit discomforting for many, especially for people who are used to going out every day for various reasons. News channels too are looking for breathers from the constant Coronavirus updates but this time, things got a little too out of hand. Saif Ali Khan was live with Times Now and a portion of the interview is presently going viral where the anchor requests the actor for a glimpse of Taimur. Saif agrees and goes looking for him only to return saying, "I am sorry but he is currently in the potty". Taimur Intervening Saif Ali Khan’s Interview on National Television is the Cutest Thing You Will See on the Internet Today (Watch Video)

Obviously, people are losing their 'shit' on this video. Many are convinced Saif made that up just to keep his kid away from the hype while just can't believe he said that. There are some who are appalled that in this time of crisis, news channels are indulging in such banter. Check out the video here...

Saif Ali Khan did look a bit amused when he talked about Taimur's potty time and the anchor seemed quite taken aback by the revelation. She tries to salvage the situation but the damage was done. We feel it went a bit out of control after Saif's disclosure about Taimur's whereabouts.