As Ramayana and Mahabharata Return to Doordarshan, Amul Brings Back Old '90s Ads Playing Tribute To These Shows (Watch Video)
Amul Commercials From 1990 (Photo Credit: twitter)

Ramayan and Mahabharat reruns are making people behave as if they have discovered an unknown treasure trove. Kids from the 80s and 90s are fortunate to watch these shows and many more when they originally aired. This is more like a comeback by Doordarshan to all the OTT platforms which were getting a lot of traction because of the lockdown. Ramayan has already scored the highest ratings on Television ever, which means there's still hunger for such content. But there are a lot of things about the 90s that shaped our childhood and one of those was the commercials. Guess that gave Amul India the cue to air its 1990 commercials. So the ad-breaks during Ramayan and Mahabharat are now part of nostalgia too. Mukesh Khanna Takes a Sly Dig at Sonakshi Sinha, Says ‘Ramayan and Mahabharat’s Rerun Will Help People Like Her Who Have No Knowledge’

So if any of you remember the Amul chocolate which is a pretty rare find now, you will get reminded of the amazing jingle. Although they sound a bit weird now, it definitely transports you to the time when watching commercials was a legit activity for kids.

Checkout Old Amul Commercials From 1990:

Draupadi's Butter Moment!

Lord Krishna's Fascination For Butter!

The Many Emotions Cheese Can Produce...Ahem!

Zara Si Khushi...

Chocolate Before You Become A Pilot!


Chocolate Wala Pyar

Siblings Wali Chocolate

Pyaar Wala Chocolate

While we are on it, how about the commercial where montages from Smita Patil's movie Manthan were used to depict Amul's story? Just saying!