Srishty breaks down while talking to Karanvir in the powder room and she tells him she is lost. She doesn't know what to do with Rohit. She asks him if she should stop talking to him? Srishty adds that whatever is happening between them is not right as it's looking wrong. Karanvir tells her not to worry and that her boyfriend Manish Naggdev will understand as he is from the same field. 

Srishty tells Rohit that everyone keeps linking them together and she is getting irritated. Rohit tells her that if she will react, they will talk even more. Somi then enters the powder room and Srishty tells her that everybody has to stop teasing her with Rohit. Later Jasleen apologises to Srishty for their fight. 

Of course, Rohit selects Srishty as the winner and gives her the tiara which is the prize for the task. They both then dance to a romantic song. 

As a part of a promotional task, Jasleen, Srishty and Somi have to apply some makeup products and one by one they have to go up to Rohit Suchanti and tell them why they are better than the other two. Rohit has been asked to come out of the jail for this task. It will be Rohit's decision to select one lady as the winner and she will dance with him after the task comes to an end. Jasleen and Somi say that Rohit is already head over heels on Srishty and it will be difficult for them to convince him. 

While Dipika and Sreesanth are arguing, the latter says something inappropriate and Dipika gives up. Another argument starts between Srishty and Jasleen after the former calls her unhygienic. Both the ladies get aggressive and start shouting their lungs out. 

Ultimately, it's decided that Deepak, Rohit and Megha will go to the kaalkothri. Sreesanth gets a special advantage to save someone from the three and nominate someone else. He saves Deepak and nominates Karanvir, who doesn't approve of this. Even Dipika Kakar fails to understand why Sreesanth chose Karanvir. Dipika confronts Sreesanth and asks him the reason behind picking Karanvir. He says that Karanvir had the most votes after Deepak, but Dipika says that those votes were not justified. 

It's time to select the three contestants who will go to the kaalkothri this week. Since Sreesanth is the captain, Bigg Boss announces that he won't go to the jail. Most of them pick Deepak Thakur, Megha Dhade and Rohit Suchanti. Megha doesn't like this and says the reasons they are giving to send her to the jail are not justified. Surbhi Rana begs to differ with her and soon an intense arguments ensues between both the ladies. 

Salman kisses on Salman Khan's poster that is kept in the garden area and says she wants to see him in person again. 

The contestants wake up the song, Badtameez Dil from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Rohit Suchanti and Srishty Rode tell Sreesanth that Jasleen Matharu spills a lot of water while washing her face. Jasleen asks Rohit if he said this to Sreesanth and he says yes. Jasleen doesn't like this and says that this will be made into an issue just because Srishty has an OCD. 

On last night's episode of Bigg Boss 12, we saw that Sreesanth became the captain of the house, and looks like things are not going to be easy for him. On tonight's telecast, we will see him sending Karanvir Bohra to the kaalkothri, and this will be questioned by Dipika Kakar. We will also see a showdown between Jasleen Matharu and Srishty Rode after the latter will end up calling her unhygienic. Deepak Thakur will be seen flirting with Somi Khan as we have been seeing since a past few days. Bigg Boss 12: Srishty Rode To Get Engaged To Boyfriend Manish Naggdev On The Show?

If you are going to miss watching all of this, fret not! As we have all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12 right here.