Bigg Boss 12: Nehha Pendse's Comeback Is Likely As Talks About Her Return Are On
Nehha's return on Bigg Boss 12 is very likely

Nehha Pendse was the first celebrity contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss 12 last weekend,. Her elimination came as a shock to many considering how strong her popularity was getting with every passing day. She was nominated along with another equally popular contestant and TV actor, Karanvir Bohra. So it was a tough choice there. However, Nehha's fans have not accepted the end of her Bigg Boss 12 journey as they started a campaign on Twitter with #BringNehhaBack wherein they are urging the makers of the show to bring Nehha back as a wild card contestant.

And as per the latest update, she is in talks with the casting team of Bigg Boss 12 and her return to the Bigg Boss house is being worked on. Yep! Nehha's comeback on Bigg Boss 12 is highly likely. So we can expect her to see back in the house soon. Bigg Boss 12: #BringBackNehha Is Trending On Twitter And We Too are Rooting for Nehha Pendse's Return

Just like her fans, Nehha was shocked with her early elimination from Bigg Boss 12. While she was on the show, she played the game with a lot of dignity and grace, and that is what didn't work for her. But now she wants to go back to prove that goodness can work on a show like Bigg Boss. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with LatestLY, when she was asked about her plans now that she is out of the house, she said that she is hoping to go back in the house. "I am just going to wait and watch. For all you know, I might just go back as a wild card entry. I don't know. So I am anticipating that, or probably, I'll just do some other work. Or actually, I might just go for a vacation. There are a lot of things that have happened in the last one month, there is a lot of draining that has happened. I will just take a call after sometime about what I need to do." Bigg Boss 12 Eviction: Sourabh Patel Gets Eliminated From Salman Khan's Show? At Least That's What The Fans Want.

Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest updates on Nehha's return on Bigg Boss 12 right here.