Sidharth Shukla says that Arhaan was not being himself on the show. Arti and Paras Chhabra agree with them. Sidharth reminds them of the time when Arhaan says he is the biggest psycho of the house. Paras tells Rashami that Arhaan was not himself. Rashami says that he has changed. He thinks differently, she says, and walks away. Salman ends the episode in his usual manner but also mocks Asim. He asks not to trouble your father and mother and 'bharat mata'. 

Salman Khan announces that one between Himanshi and Arhaan will be evicted from the house. He reveals that Arhaan has to leave the house after audience's voting. Rashami cries as her friend leaves the house. Rashami locks herself inside the bathroom and cries. Devoleena enters and consoles her. 

Devoleena is asked to wax Sidharth Shukla's hair. He doesn't have hair on his leg so she picks his arms. First question: Will Sidharth and Arhaan ever become friends. Devoleena says no and waxes off his hair while sitting on his lap. Devoleena is asked if she finds Sidharth handsome. She says yes. Devo is asked if Rashami is jealous of her and Arahaan's friendship. She says no and waxes Sidharth's hair. Next question: If Khesari's game plan is the best in the house. Of course, the answer is no. Devo waxes off more hair from Sidharth's arm. 

Rashami is asked by Sidharth if she loves him. Rashami says no and waxes off Vishal's leg hair. Rashami is asked by Salman if Shehnaaz is neutral and she says no and waxes off Vishal's hair. Rashami is asked if Vishal will ever support her. Rashami says no. Sidharth comes out to help Rashami wax off Vishal's hair.  

Female contestants are asked questions. If a contestants' answer is no, they have to wax off a male contestants' hair. First, Hindustani Bhau's legs are waxed. Shefali is asked if Paras is Mahira's manager. Shefali says no and waxes Paras' leg. Shefali is asked of she likes Asim shirtless and she says yes. She is asked if Devoleena is able to become babe from bahu. She says no and waxes Paras again. Next up is Sidharth Shukla. All the contestants cheer. 

Anil is asked who he thinks Salman looks the best with on screen. Anil says that he looks the best with Madhuri Dixit and he is jealous of him for the same reason. Anil is asked what should Salman Khan not do. Salman says 'Shadi'. Anil is asked how many seasons Salman has hosted of Bigg Boss. Anil correctly answers 10. Salman says that this would be his last season unless he is paid more. 

Anil and Pulkit make an exit from the house. Urvashi Rautela and Kriti Kharbanda enter the main stage and play a game with Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor. They play the game about how well these two actors know each other since they have worked together so many times. Salman reveals a funny story about Anil when he walked down a hotel lobby wearing an underwear, thinking it is his swimming trunks. Anil says that Salman's worst habit is that he works out when the rest of the people are sleeping. Salman is asked who is Anil's favourite female co-stars. Salman says Sridevi and Madhuri. Anil says that there is more. Salman guesses Juhi and he says no. Salman guesses Dingy and Anil says yes. Dingy is Amrita Singh. Salman's favourite co-star is the next question put forth Anil. Anil takes every name possible including Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya. 

Devoleena also takes Shehnaaz' name and say she is not able understand her. Pulkit says that he finds Shehnaaz 'pyaari'. Shehnaaz takes Paras. She because of Paras everyone thinks she flips teams a lot. Next up is Paras. He is also takes Shehnaaz' name. She takes it sportingly and even says thank you. Himanshi takes Mahira's name, calling her self-centered. Paras interrupts and Himanshi stops him. Vishal takes Paras' name. Vishal kisses Paras on the cheek. 

Anil introduces everyone to Pulkit Samrat. He says that Pulkit is the hero of the movie and, he and John Abraham play supporting role. Pulkit asks the contestants who is the most bakwas housemate. Asim says it is Mahira as she interrupts him talking always. Mahira gets a garland of a banana. Rashami is up next. She takes Vishal's name, who gets the banana garland. Arhaan takes Arti as he thinks she is confused. Arti gives Arhaan the banana garland and asks him to put it around her neck. Anil says, "What a sport." Arti says Arhaan should pay attention to his game not hers. Hindustani Bhau says Shehnaaz's game is bakwas.

Paras gets a slap in the first question itself. Paras is asked who will go till the end, he says Vishal. Housemates disagree. Paras is slapped by the mechanical hand again. He is asked if his contribution was good this week. Paras says he was contributing mentally if not physically. He is slapped. Paras says that no one in the house cannot play the game alone. He is slapped. 

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A new episode of Bigg Boss 13 is here. On this Weekend Ka Vaar, we will see one of the 11 nominated contestants making an exit from the show. Three weak contestants over the past one week were Khesari Lal Yadav, Himanshi Khurana and Arhaan Khan. Chances are high that one of them will leave the show. Rashami Desai is safe from evictions after a long time. Let us see whose Bigg Boss journey will come to an end. Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Asks Rashami Desai If She Loves Him.

The cast of the upcoming film, Pagalpanti, will join host Salman Khan on the main stage. Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan will reunite on stage after a long time. They will play some fun games together. Kriti Kharbanda and Urvashi Rautela will also be there. Pulkit Samrat will also be on the stage. Pulkit was once married to Salman's rakhi-sister, Shweta Rohira. Let us see, if there is some awkwardness on the stage or not. Bigg Boss 13 Host Salman Khan Says He Won't Return for Next Season Unless He Is Paid More (Watch Video).