India's Best Dramebaaz Written Episode Update, August 12, 2018: Kids Celebrate Independence Day With a Colorful Musical Tribute
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of India's Best Dramebaaz starts with Shantanu Maheshwari telling Vivek Oberoi that he is ready to say sorry to Huma Qureshi who just stormed out. Omung gets Huma back who returns with a smirk.

The judges burst out laughing as Shantanu realises that he has been pranked. Shantanu welcomes everyone to the celebrations of 71st Independence day. The Dancing Superstars rock the stage with a medley performance.

Shantanu joins the group too and what results is a sight for sore eyes. The first to perform are Inaayat, Snigdha and Dancing Superstar Maasum. They have an amazing fun performance.

Maasum teaches Vivek and Omung some of her flexi-moves. Shantanu too tries his luck, and Huma promises him a coffee date if he performs well. Shantanu and Huma share a coffee and also exchange garlands.

They perform to badri ki dulhaniya as the kids join them onstage. The next to perform are Soham, Jyot and Tanay-Dancing Superstar have a mythological act to put up.

Vivek commends Jyot for his performance at this age. Kartikeya Raj from the previous season comes next with Dipali and Harsh. They have a fun take on Karan-Arjun.

The kids just nail it as Omung has tears in his eyes from all the laughing. Shantanu shows an IV of when Harsh met Kartikeya leaving Harsh in tears as the little one says he follows Kartikeya's style of acting.

Preejot Singh from the previous season walks up next with Zoya and Shreesha. They have a take on Ram-Lakhan. Dipali and Soham return with Vaishnavi this time leaving everyone with moist eyes as the act is an emotionally laden one.

Vaishnavi adds charm to the act with her super choreography. Vivek cannot hold himself and says he was reminded of Sonali Bendre throughout the act as she fights Cancer.

Omung says that the act was fabulous, but he did not want it to happen at this stage. Garvit and Shubhangi walk in with Yogesh -Dancing Superstar to lighten the heavy feel around.

Garvit as SRK is something you do not want to miss! The judges have an argument over who is better Season 2 or Season 3 kids, so Shantanu calls for a competition.

Rukhsana Kausar the real-life unsung hero get tribute by Angelica, Soham, Garvit and Season 2 winner Swasti Nitya. Today judges call off homework, and so there is no elimination.