Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Prithvi Meets Karan in Jail And Mocks Him
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Sherlin's mother telling Kareena that she did not mean to demean Karan(Dheeraj Dhoopar). Kareena thinks that it would right to give that girl some money and get Karan out.

Kareena asks for Sherlin, and her mother makes an excuse that she must be on the way to Luthra house. Later though she worries where Sherlin is and hopes she would have left for Luthra house.

Karan gets informed that someone has come to meet him and Karan hopes that it is Preeta(Shraddha Arya). He is though shocked to find Prithvi instead. Prithvi starts taunting Karan and asks him to keep away from Preeta.

He says that now every girl will think twice before meeting him and Preeta will not trust him ever. Prithvi says that Karan has so much money, and he should have escaped this trap, but he is not intelligent enough to do that.(Also Read: Preeta Tells Srishti That She Would go to Any Extremes to Save Karan)

Prithvi goes on instigating Karan saying that the media is insulting him outside. Karan almost hits Prithvi, but the man does not stop and goes on and on calling Karan a rapist.

Karan now understands that Prithvi is behind all of this and ask Prithvi to confess. Prithvi though is too smart to confess and says that he will not walk into any of Karan's traps.

Prithvi says that Preeta will never come to meet him as she now hates him for being a rapist. Preeta and Srishti walk into the station asking to meet Karan. The cops tell them that the time is over, but Srishti makes an excuse saying Preeta is Karan's fiance.

Karan almost hits Prithvi when he talks bad about Preeta. Later Prithvi walks off, and Karan sits down wondering if Preeta mistrusts him and will not meet him.

Prithvi is walking out when he sees Preeta and Srishti there. The cops allow them to meet Karan. Prithvi hides from Preeta. Preeta and Srishti walk in to meet Karan.

Karan is overwhelmed seeing Preeta as he wonders why it is so important to him to make Preeta believe. Preeta tells Karan that she knows the trap and also that he should stop caring about the world. Preeta says that she is the witness to all of this trap.