MTV Ace of Space Contestant Shehzad Deol Now Wants To Be A Part Of Bigg Boss!
Shehzad Deol (Photo Credits: Agency)

Vikas Gupta’s recently concluded show Ace of Space saw quite the contestant line up. From the rich brat Abhiraj Chadha to rapper Om Prakash Mishra to the country’s first plus-sized model Fizah Khan to late YouTuber and Instagrammer Danish Khan, the show saw people from different backgrounds. There were also some familiar faces like Varun Sood (MTV Roadies, Splitsvilla, Squadrann), Divya Agarwal (Splitsvilla and Roadies), Chetna Pandey (Actress and Model) and Shehzad Deol (Top Model). MTV Ace of Space: Back Off Varun Sood-Divya Agarwal, Shehzad Deol Is Now The New Favourite Contestant In The Show!

Shehzad was mastermind Vikas Gupta’s favourite contestants given his way of playing the game with utmost decency. In fact, he was also one of the first finalists of the show. However, he lost to Divya Agarwal. 'I Never Said Things About Priyank To Get His Reaction': Divya Agarwal!

But this is not Shehzad’s first stint with the reality show space. The hunk who has been a part of Top Model as well, now wants to take a break from reality shows. But Bigg Boss is an exception for the Punjabi Munda. He says, “I was offered all reality shows on TV but I did not select any. I did Top Model because Sargun (Mehta, actor) convinced me and that show created space for me on TV. I'm glad that I did that as people know me because of Top Model. I was offered Ace of Space because of Top Model as well.”

He continued, “I'm not looking to take up any more reality shows at the moment because I'm done with the reality space. I mean if you ask me two months from now, I may change my decision. But as of now, I just cannot take the pressure of any more reality shows right now. The only reality show that I will be interested in being part of would be Bigg Boss because of the popularity that it will get me,” he says.

Ask him about his take on daily soaps, Shehzad says, “I'm open to any kind of acting job as long as it is paying me well. My career goal is ultimately to become a successful actor. I don’t go with that stereotypical thinking that if you do TV, you cannot become a big actor. There are so many examples, look at Sushant Singh Rajput. Gone are the days when film stars and TV stars are considered very different,” he says.

We completely agree with Shehzad’s point of view, but Bigg Boss makers, are you listening? While Both Ace of Space and Bigg Boss are different shows with different formats, we’re also hoping to see Shehzad locked up Bigg Boss style.