The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on many. It's not just the people who are getting infected with the virus are suffering, but there are a few stuck far away from home with a hope to meet their family soon. One such example is Uttaran fame, Tina Dattaa who had apparently visited Goa to stay fit and perform yoga at the couple Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble Yoga centre. However, her short trip to stay healthy turned into quite a long one wherein the actress almost spent 100 days at the beach. But here's a piece of good news for her fans, as finally, she is back to the bay. Uttaran Fame Tina Dattaa’s ‘Bored in the House’ Picture Is a Ticking Hotness Bomb We Weren’t Prepared For!

In an interview with India Forums, the actress confirmed the news and said that she travelled by road. "Honestly it was scary to travel back home. I was planning to come back from the flight but no aircraft has started. So I had to come by road which was really hectic as it was 12 -13 hours of travelling but we managed to reach Mumbai," she said. Tina Dattaa: ’Mohit and I Have Ironed Out the Differences and Shall Maintain a Professional Environment for the Betterment of the Show'

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In one word You “healed” me .. I started seeing thing’s from a different perspective.. u made me a better person.. you both have soo much love to give, soo much warmth , so much positivity that words fall short to define it.. your love made me a better person, a better human being.. so much i have learnt from you in these 100 days.. Everyday u made sure that am doing fine from checking on me every 3-4 hours, to taking care of me like my mom when i fell ill , to getting me new clothes on poila baisakh to making me a part of your life.. I don’t remember a single day when u both had lunch/ dinner without me .. u have been there during my good times and bad times.. You have always been more than a friend to me. You’ve taken care of me like my mother, protected my like your lil one.. U can go to any extent just to bring a smile on my face.. Kahan thi tum itne saal o tak my aashu pisshuuu♥️ u know u have my heart.. and always will.. . U both made me fall in love with Yoga.. u inspire me everyday.. like u said, if i can do one asana i would immediately call out “aashu look .. did u see that? I could do it” sharing even my lil happiness with u meant everything.. Yoga gave me a new life , a new perspective to life.. My mat is my best friend now.. already Missing my shala soo soo breaking down to having a crazy laughter, that shala witnessed it all.. . u would fight the world to protect me.. u made sure i never shed a tear.. I don’t remember a single day when we fought/ bickered.. we were soo happy.. Well soo much to write, but words surely cannot justify what we feel for one another.. dil lekar chali gaayi ladki.. pyaar ho gaya aab .. Well the story doesn’t end here.. am coming back in July to make more memories .. be prepared my aashu pishu.. “The devil is coming back” 😉 Love love n more love @aashkagoradia @ibrentgoble #Repost @aashkagoradia with @get_repost ・・・ @dattaatinaa #100days #justlikethat Smiling, laughing, loving and caring’ . . Our energies aligned maybe because we were born on the same day, though just a few years apart I get to call you the younger one. So much I can write about our 100 days together simply because we called our roof

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Tina also revealed how Aashka had packed meal for her so that she need not stop anywhere in the mid-way for food or tea. "For self precaution, what I did was I never stopped anywhere to have a cup of tea or meal. Aashka had packed everything from Parathas to tea so that I don't have to stop anywhere to buy things," she added.

Well, home is home and we are glad that Dattaa is finally where she belonged. After returning to Mumbai, Ichcha of Indian television also posted a huge message for Aashka about how she learnt a lot of things from her in more than 3 months span she spent doing yoga with her. Stay tuned!

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