Harvard University Begins Online Course on ‘Sikhism Through Its Scriptures’; Receives Over 1 Lakh Registrations
Harvard University (Photo Credits: harvard.edu)

There are reasons as to why Harvard University still rules remaining in the top list of the best universities worldwide. Its campus, courses, teaching methods and everything attracts Harvard’s online course on ‘Sikhism the attention of the world rankers. Knowing how to code its vital skill in today’s digital world, the Harvard University in a major move has started an online course on ‘Sikhism Through Its Scriptures’. In addition, it’s free of cost course. So far, about 1.30 lakh students have registered for the course and the online classes for the same has begun from August 6.

The online course on Sikhism is a part of the university’s course series—World Religions Through Scriptures which was started in 2016. For the first ever time, this year, Sikhism has been included in the course. According to The Indian Express, the varsity received a high demand about its inclusion. What makes it even more special that almost 90 per cent of the 1.30 applicants of the course are non-Sikhs and belongs from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and other countries. The course is a four-week online course.

The reading material for Sikhism Through Its Scriptures will be available on the university’s website which the students can access with a login ID and password. There is a team of three experts, Harpreet Singh, Damanpreet Singh and Ravinder Singh have prepared the course curriculum. After every session, students will have a platform to post their queries at the online message board, and the experts will respond and clarify their doubts.

The eight sessions will cover 38 verses of Sikh text Japji Sahib, composed by the founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak Dev. This course has been innovated by Harvard Divinity School and HarvardX, a branch of the university which offers free online courses aiming global access to education. Apart from Sikhism, other religions that are included in the course are Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.