Ads on Sex Stamina, Reduce Belly Fat Products etc to Be Audited by Special Task Force of Maharashtra Government
Ads on sex stamina, belly fat Products, etc to be audited by special task force of Maharashtra government (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Mumbai, April 25: "Are you annoyed with your belly fat? or Not happy with your sexual life? Want to increase your sex stamina? call us..." Well if you are glued to such kind of fake, creepy and bold public advertisements on television screens or newspapers, then be careful, as they might bring you some serious side effects or ruin your healthy lifestyle. The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also set up a special task force to crack down on these fake advertisements. Girish Bapat, State FDA Minister along with seven Joint Commissioners of seven zones of Maharashtra has constituted a committee. The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) established for the consumers' interest and self-regulation has also tweeted about these special task force initiative.

According to a news report in, the committee will be headed by Minister Bapat, and the work will include preparing the report and deciding the action plan and strategy to tackle the growing trend of misleading advertisements. The report also mentions that around 78 prosecutions have been launched for violation of Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act (DMR Act) 1954 under the provisions of Section 3(d) and Section 4. It further mentions FDA has recently sent 389 show cause notices to the manufacturers and the people involved in violating the norms, and the cases are moreover related to making false claims like reducing obesity, increasing sex stamina, treating impotency, enhancing height and lightening skin among others.

In addition, the Maharashtra FDA in its notice has also stated Ayurvedic products like ‘Razor Slim’ and ‘Play Win’ capsules published in the print media are objectionable under the DMR Act. The advertisement makes false claims about the said products meant for treating obesity and increasing stamina respectively. Therefore, the regulator has requested and directed the publications to immediately stop broadcasting of said advertisement in the larger interest of the public.

The news report also elaborates that over 90 percent of notices served is to the electronic media alone. The objectionable advertisement of the Ayurvedic drugs is also being published in newspapers where the drugs were shown to cure ailments like cancer, hormonal disturbances, female genital tract problems, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, enhancing the breast cup size, etc.