Kolkata, June 29: For the misti lovers in the state, the West Bengal government has decided to introduce a 'Sandesh' which will contain honey from Sundarbans and increase immunity. An official quoted in a PTI report said that the Arogya Sandesh will be developed to boost the immunity of the people amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The sweet would be prepared from cotton cheese which will be mixed with pure honey from Sundarbans. It will also have extracts of tulsi leaves. Arogya Sandesh is expected to hit the shelves in another two months and the pricing would be within the reach of the common man, as confirmed by the animal resources development department official. 'Corona Sweets' Given at Kolkata Sweet Shop to Uplift Customers' Spirit Amid COVID-19 Outbreak; See Pics.

Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick Immunity Booster Sandesh: 

A popular sweet chain Balaram Mullick in Kolkata had earlier this month introduced immunity booster Sandesh. The sweet claimed of having various herbs and spices such as Haldi, tulsi, saffron, and cardamom and Himalayan honey, which will boost immunity to fight novel coronavirus.

Corona Sandesh:

In April, West Bengal sweet shops introduced sweets in the shape of coronavirus. The owner of the confectionary said that the objective behind launching the sweet was to say that "we will fight and digest corona and not vice versa".

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