Mumbai, January 14: In a bid to ensure the safety of commuters, the Central Railway has installed a blue light visual indicator just above the entrance of some local trains in Mumbai. Several accidents take place every year in Mumbai as commuters try to board running local trains. The blue light visual indicator will alert passengers when the train is about to leave the platform.

The visual indicator emits a beam of blue light over the entrance just before the train is about to leave the platform. This will indicate to the commuters when to stop boarding the train before it becomes unsafe. The visual indicator also draws a boundary on the platform which is the minimum clearance level for commuters to avoid accidents while the train is in motion. Mumbai Locals: Vidyavihar ‘Killer Spot’ to be Fixed by Central Railway in 2019.

"This device will definitely act as a psychological barrier from boarding a moving train and also as a deterrent," Sunil Udasi, chief public relations officer, CR, told news agency ANI. The Central Railways will monitor the performance of the blue light visual indicator and take passengers' feedbacks based on which the safety equipment will be installed on more local trains.

The work of installing the blue light visual indicator was carried out in Kurla car-shed of Central Railway under the guidance of DK Sharma, General Manager, Central Railway. Unlike Metro or AC coaches, which have an electronic door closer, the local train doesn't have one. Due to this, people often attempt to board the running train which resulted in fatal mishaps.

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