'Indian Army Is Like Pakistani Forces' Remark: Army Officials Condemn Tapan Bose's Statement, Say 'We Don't Discriminate on Caste or Religious Grounds'
File image of security forces in Jammu and Kashmir (Photo Credits: IANS)

New Delhi, January 29: The Indian army on Wednesday contested filmmaker and activist Tapan Bose's remarks drawing a parallel between Indian and Pakistani armed forces. Reacting to Tapan Bose's controversial statement that the Indian armed forces kill its own people, the Indian army official condemned his remarks, emphasising that there is no caste-based or religious discrimination within the armed forces. Indian Army Soldiers Serving in Siachen Get Personal Kit Worth Rs 1 Lakh Including Gadget to Detect Avalanche.

"Indian Army strengthens the idea of India and lives by the national values. The army is dedicated to preserve national interests, safeguard sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of our nation," officials told news agency ANI. "We uphold the ideals of the Constitution, thwart proxy wars, defeat internal threats, assist our government and the people of India, and all our actions are dedicated to the nation," they added. Indian Army Chief MM Navarane Says 'If Parliament Wants, PoK Will be Ours'.

Speaking at an anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protest held at iconic Jantar Mantar, Tapan Bose alleged that, like the Pakistani army, Indian army personnel also kill their own people. "Pakistan is not an enemy country. Our armies are alike too, their army kills their people and our army kills our people, there is no difference between them," Tapan Bose said and added that the ruling class of India and Pakistan is alike.

Bose defended sit-in protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh and Lucknow, adding that the agitators were fighting for the Constitution. He also said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) were scared of the ongoing protest against the amended citizenship act.