Sambit Patra, BJP Candidate From Puri Lok Sabha Seat, Performs 'Sashtang Pranam' at Jagannath Temple, Watch Video
Sambit Patra Does ‘Sashtang Pranam’ at Jagannath Temple (Photo Credits: ANI)

Puri, April 22: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Odisha's Puri Lok Sabha constituency, Sambit Patra, is definitely going the extra mile to impress the god ahead of polls. At the end of election campaign day on Sunday, Sambit Patra did a 'Sashtang Pranam (Prostration)', at the Lord Jagannath temple in Puri. Sambit Patra Sings Telugu Songs During Campaigning For Lok Sabha Elections 2019 in Odisha's Penthakata; Watch Video.

In the visuals shared by news agency ANI, Samit Patra can be seen lying on road in front of Jagannath temple. In the clip, Patra's supporters can be seen cheering for him as well as chanting 'Jai Jagannath'. Meanwhile, Puri Lok Sabha seat is going into polls in the third phase of Lok Sabha elections on April 23. Has Sambit Patra Been Removed as BJP Spokesperson?

Watch Video:

Earlier, while campaigning in Puri's Penthakata area, Sambit Patra sung a mash-up song of popular Bollywood song Tum Mile Dil Khile and its Telugu version Telusa Manasa. “Puri has a sizeable Telugu population as well. While campaigning amidst them sang a famous Telugu number on demand,” Patra said in his tweet.

The BJP Lok Sabha candidate, earlier, was also seen sitting on the floor and eating food prepared by the old woman in chulha. Sambit Patra was further seen feeding two people with his hands.