CAA Protests Row: Mamata Banerjee Hits Out at Dilip Ghosh's 'Shoot Them Like Dog' Remark, Says 'West Bengal Isn't Uttar Pradesh'
West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, anti CAA protests and state BJP chief Dilip Ghosh. (Photo Credit: PTI/Twitter/Facebook)

Kolkata, January 13: Amid the controversy on Medinipur MP and West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh's comment over 'shooting down those involved damaging public property like what is practised in Uttar Pradesh' sparking a row, state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday slammed BJP stating that they don't have to take any responsibility if anything goes wrong.

Commenting on the 'irresponsible' comment of state BJP chief, the TMC supremo said, as quoted by 24 Ghanta, "I feel ashamed to take his name. You are saying to fire (gunshots) at protesters. Is this what you want! You don't have to take any responsibility if anything goes wrong." She even called that comments shameful. CJI SA Bobde on Anti-CAA Protests: 'India is Going Through a Difficult Phase, So Refrain from Further Aggravating the Situation'.

Not only Mamata Banerjee, another TMC MP from Diamond Harbour -- Abhishek Banerjee -- raised doubts over BJP's credibility to lead in Bengal. He took to Twitter and wrote, "Although @DilipGhoshBJP

correctly characterized his party, his own MP refuting his stance publicly raises serious doubts over his credibility to lead BJP in Bengal. Dilip Babu please let us ALL know if your statements are to be seen as personal opinion or views of your party."

Here's a tweet by Abhishek Banerjee:

Following the statement of Dilip Ghosh on Sunday, Union Minister of State for Environment Babul Supriyo had called it 'very irresponsible' and said that this is Dilip Ghosh's personal opinion. Stating that BJP doesn't support Ghosh's stand, Supriyo had said, "BJP, as a party has nothing to do with what a Dilip Ghosh may hv said. It is a figment of his imagination & BJP Govts in UP, Assam hv NEVER EVER resorted to shooting people for whatever reason whatsoever 'Very irresponsible' of DilipDa to hv said what he said."

Here' a tweet by Babul Supriyo:

It is to be known that Ghosh -- while addressing a public meeting in Bengal's Nadia district on Sunday -- had said, "Didi's (Banerjee) police didn't take action against the people who destroyed public properties as they are her voters. Our governments in UP, Assam and Karnataka has shot these people like dogs." Commenting on this, another controversial Trinamool Congress leader Anubrata Mondal had said that "Central government should first shoot down Dilip Ghosh".

In the meantime, Ghosh had refrained to take back his statement and had said, "Who is the party president? Who will decide on the party’s internal matters? Amit Shah ji or him (Babul Supriyo)? I believe you got the answer." Also, no comment for the high command of BJP has arrived as of yet.