Pulwama Terror Attack on CRPF Jawans: Our Reactions on Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook Are Not Doing Any Less Harm to India
Actual Indian Army/Online Finger Fighters (Photo Credits: File Image)

Our WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Twitter threads are the real examples of what India as a Nation is right now. Everyone wants to prove no one loves this country as they do and in that process, they are hurting fellow citizens. Engineers, CAs, doctors, actors, sportspersons and unemployed youth all have become defence and foreign affairs experts suggesting when and how to take the 'badla' of the heinous terror attack on our brave CRPF Jawans travelling in Buses at Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir on February 14 carried by Jaish-e Mohammad suicide bomber Adil Ahmad Dar. News studios have become war rooms (literally). They have become the platforms to prove either one can be a patriot or anti-national.

In many of the WhatsApp groups, Twitter threads and Facebook discussions people are suggesting and eager to throw fellow members out just because their political and religious beliefs are not matching. I have seen many exists from the WhatsApp groups, and I don't think anyone of those who exited hated our country! Just their way of expressions was different. It is like a family where brothers and sisters fight among themselves to prove who loves their mother most and whom she loves the most. But will the mother want their kids to be separated from each other for this issue?

We all respect and love our country, few are High on Josh, few are High on Hosh, and there are some who use Josh and Hosh as and when required.

The most important thing we all should understand is this attack on our brave CRPF jawans was carried to rattle every Indian citizen and make them hyper so that we commit mistakes and fight among ourselves. Unfortunately, that is what we are doing on social media. The Billion Indians are divided into two - either they are anti-nationals or patriots. If you follow one set of a political party, religion or ideology, you fall in a specific category else in a different category. The outcome of any debate on WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter is - only one of them should remain in India others should leave the country. Isn't this reducing the strength of our country straight into half? India being such a diverse country can it just be a two ideology system?

Have observed a few members of the WhatsApp groups were happy when they saw people exiting the group. That's the core problem; we don't believe in being together and instead believe in kicking our people, brothers and sisters, fellow citizens out if there is a difference in opinion. There are fake videos of some people beating and thrashing men tied by a rope with captions like "Indian army has already started thrashing the terrorists" and "Mission started. Already killed three pigs." Followed by the comments - "They should be beaten, burnt more brutally", "I also want to kick that dog." Trust me given a chance we 'online finger fighters' cannot even match one percent of the mental and physical strength our jawans have. Our army and political leadership will also not like to portray our security forces doing such barbaric acts. CRPF  issued an advisory on sharing fake photos and videos with graphic content and body parts of martyred jawans, which just spreads rumors and hatred. There is UN and International Human Rights laws etc. which definitely as a country we will and should abide by.

Josh is high, and definitely, it should be high but the price of Josh without Hosh is being paid by our brave army men and security personnel, we are neither at border nor at the centre to decide the next steps. What best we can do is remain united and respect fellow citizens irrespective of their political or religious beliefs and do our respective jobs with honesty and integrity, and then no one can stop our country to prosper!

Let's not make the Pulwama terror attack successful for these terrorists by inciting more hatred amongst ourselves, instead be together and in all the Hosh, love our fellow citizens and stand by the security forces. United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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