Inheriting financial troubles and debts are not uncommon in today’s society. With skyrocketing costs of living and a stagnant salary rate, it comes as no surprise that most individuals cannot prepare for their inevitable passing. At least this was the reality before the entrepreneur, and financial expert Albert Lau decided to turn the tide with Family First Life Elite.

The inspiration for building Family First Life Elite first appeared when Albert thought that he had had enough. After years of witnessing and listening to heart-wrenching tales of families who could not afford funerals, the entrepreneur knew he had to take action. So he did. 

Established to secure generational wealth and help families avail of untapped benefits, Family First Life Elite is a globally leading insurance agency that breaks systemic barriers and elevates individuals to financial freedom.

“Our mission at Family First Life Elite is to make the families we protect and the families of our agents our number one priority,” they shared. “Trust and loyalty is not given, it is earned, and all of us at FFL Elite will give everything we have to earn it with our clients and our agents.”

Through its winning and industry-leading services, it’s safe to say that Family First Life Elite has realized its founding mission. The game-changing agency has something for both the working family member and the elderly. Family First Life Elite specializes in mortgage protection, life insurance, final expense life insurance, retirement planning through universal life policies, and retirement protection through the use of fixed index annuities. 

The company’s multiple insurance carriers further these options for financial stability. Among Family First Life Elite’s partners are Americo, Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, and several local agencies nationwide, which help the agency efficiently satisfy client needs.

With its client-centered platform, one would think that there is nothing else that the insurance agency needs to offer. Albert Lau and his team disagree. Taking its mission a step further, Family First Life Elite trains and hires individuals eager to join its fast-growing agency. These agents are given incentives with a competitive income and are also supported in their business endeavors.

This has made Family First Life Elite a top choice for white-collar hopefuls. At present, the agency is welcoming future team members, introducing them to the promising landscape of the life insurance industry and offering a rare opportunity to roll in six zeroes or more in their bank accounts.

Since its launch, the company has been steadily gaining prominence in its field. The attention and patronage of countless clients have helped Family First Life Elite propel its agents further into financial success. This 2021, Albert’s venture hit a record $1 million worth of business per month—twice the number the brilliant team achieved last year.

As it continues to grow exponentially, Family First Life Elite is expected to be doing a whopping annual $500 million worth of business within only half a decade, “helping millions of families get the financial protection and setting up their children for success on the way.”