Diwali 2018 Last-Minute Gift Ideas: Haven't Gone Shopping Yet? Give These Easy Presents to Your Loved Ones This Deepavali
Happy Diwali (File Image)

New Delhi, November 1: Diwali 2018 is just about a week away and it's time to speed up your Deepavali gift distribution. Don't we just love receiving and giving gifts from and to our loved ones during these festive days? Diwali, the festival of lights, is all about lighting your homes with the brightest of lights and diyas, meeting loved ones, playing card games with them, exchanging gift and eating a lot of good food. With those who lead a home-office-home mundane life, this is the time of the year to head back home and spend some cherished moments with family. It's also that time when you visit your loved ones with some tokens of love for them. Diwali House Cleaning is a Great Way to Bond With Family, Finds New Study!

If you haven't been able to take time out for some gift shopping yet, there are a lot of options of last-minute gift items that are most likely to be available at a market near you. You can also easily make some Diwali sweets or chocolates at home to give them as presents to your family and friends. SO if you are yet to buy your loved ones a Diwali gift, here are some last-minute items that you can get to gift: Diwali 2018: What Is The Story of Deepavali? Know The Significance, Myths and Legends of The Festival of Lights.

Homemade sweets and chocolates

Did you know that you could easily make besan laddoos, besan burfis and Kaju katli at your homes? Yes, that's a fact. You just need a couple of hours to get all of this sorted. You can make your loved ones some Diwali sweets or chocolates at home and gift them this festive season.

Diyas (Both painted as well as wax)

Throughout the Diwali season, diyas are readily available at shops - whether painted earthen diyas or wax scented ones. Diyas are one of the most utilised gift items during Diwali as this is one thing lit in every house on this festival. Diwali 2018: Tips For Hosting The Perfect Party For The Festival of Lights.

Cakes and Cookies

Who doesn't like a nicely baked cake or cookie? As far as the cake is concerned, you can either get one readymade pack from a nearby shop if available. You can also make some naan khatai at home or get customised cookies that are available at most shops during Diwali season.

Decoration items - Lanterns, Flowers, Lamps

With Diwali being the festival of lights, you can get hand-crafted lanterns, lamps which are easily available at gift shops or other such items that can light up the homes of your loved ones.

Diwali will be celebrated this year on November 7. Chhoti Diwali will be celebrated on November 6, Goverdhan Puja on November 8 and Bhai Dooj on November 9.