July 10 is observed as 'Don't Step On A Bee Day' in the United Kingdom to remind people about the decreasing population of bees. It is a reminder that the life of common bees depends on the balance the number of bees in some countries has reduced significantly in the recent past. The day tried to bring to the forefront how the lives of bees have been affected in the past years due to various human activities. From maintaining bee populations, pollination and honey production, National Don't Step On A Bee Day highlights the need to save bees. 'Bees Are Collecting Nothing!' Alarmed Beekeepers Warn of Possible Honey Shortage Due to Climate Change.

On Don't Step on a Bee Day 2019, various events have been organised by private organisations to highlight bee crisis. Different topics like supporting local beekeeper, planting seed balls that contain bee-friendly seeds, adopting a beehive are discussed on this day. At workshops, badges and stickers bearing bee symbols are given away. Some of the include Beattie Bee Window Sticker, Beattie Bee Enamel Pin Badge, Packet of Bee-Friendly Seeds and Nectar Gardening Guide. World’s First Honey Bee Edible Vaccine Discovered by Finland Scientists to Protect the Queen Bees.

Bees not only give us honey, but also things like propolis and beeswax.  According to research in 2008, Asian bees and European bees can understand each other. The average worker bee makes only one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. Worker honey bees are female and live for about six weeks. The only task of a male bee is to find a queen bee to mate with.

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