Shubho Shashti marks the beginning of Durga Puja or Durga Pujo as we commonly know it. Falling on the sixth day of Navratri (Shashti), Shubho Shashti 2019 will be celebrated on October 4. Also known as Maha Shashti, this day marks the beginning of Durga Pujo with complete enthusiasm and zeal. Maha Shashti is an auspicious day that is celebrated by people from Bengal, Assam, Odisha, Tripura and other eastern states, who religiously commemorate Durga Puja. While Durga Puja celebrations begin with great ardour and eagerness from Shubho Mahalaya, the actual Puja rituals only begin on Shashti. As we prepare to celebrate this auspicious day, here is everything you need to know about Shubho Shashti or Maha Shashti. Durga Pujo Nostalgia: 7 Memories People Living Away from Home Wouldn't Trade for the World!

When is Maha Shashti Celebrated?

Shubho Shashti or Maha Shashti marks the sixth day of Navratri. It falls in the Hindu month Ashwin and marks the formal beginning of Durga Puja year on year. Maha Shashti is one of the most auspicious days of the nine-day festivity and will be celebrated on October 4, 2019. Durga Puja 2019 Dates in Kolkata: Tithi Calendar, Durga Ashtami 2019, Maha Navami and Vijayadashami As Per Bengali Panjika.

Why is Shubho Shashti Celebrated?

This grand celebrations of Shubho Shashti signify the beginning of Pujo, with the major rituals of the festival being conducted. On this day, Goddess Durga is believed to enter the mortal world to visit her father. Devotees also believe that Durga enters the world with her sons, Ganesh and Kartika, accompanied by Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Saraswati.

How is Shubho Shashti Celebrated?

Shubho Shashti or Maha Shashti is a major social and public event in the northern and eastern parts of India. The four major rituals of Pujo, Kalparamba (the starting of the Pujas), Bodhan (consecration of the idol of goddess Durga), Amantran (inviting the goddess) and Adhibas (sanctifying the stay of the deity in the Puja area or pandals) are performed on this day. Devotees also celebrate this auspicious occasion with music, dance and an abundance of food. Since Durga is believed to come back to her father’s house, ladies also participate in decorating the Pandal (which is treated as her maiden home), in an effort to welcome the daughter to her father’s house. Durga Puja 2019 Special: 9 Things You Will Understand If You Are Obsessed With Pujo.

Shubho Shashti is an extremely important day in the five-day festivity and is full of rituals and traditions that bring the devotees closer to Goddess Durga. The customary traditions of Pandal hopping, which begins in the starting of Pujo is joined by the religious aspects of aartis, and conducting specific pujas on this day. Here’s wishing everyone a Shubho Shashti.

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