A warm embrace of love with your partner can make you feel all things lovable. There is no better way to express affection and endearment than with hugging and cuddling. Human touch is ten times stronger than any verbal contact and is one of the best healing methods. Valentine week has one such day dedicated to sharing embrace and kindness, Hug Day. This year the sixth day of the romantic week will be celebrated on Saturday, 12th February. From emotional cracks and insecurities to anxiousness, a long warm squeeze can fix everything. Studies have shown that hugs reduce levels of stress hormones and boosts self-esteem and improve relationships. Valentine Week and Anti-Valentine 2022 Week Full List: Date Sheet From Valentine's Day To Break-Up Day for All the Couples, Singles and Everyone In Between!

To celebrate the warmth of the bond, lovebirds celebrate Hug Day by exchanging at least one hug and expressing their feelings and emotions. Hugging strengthens the emotional connection and releases 'feel good' hormones which result in a healthier relationship. But did you know, the way you hug your partner and loved one often says a lot about your relationship? So, we bring to you what each type of emotional embrace says about the bonding with your partner. Valentines Week 2022 Gift Ideas for Him: From Grooming Kits to Cocktail Maker, 5 Gifts To Amaze Your Husband or Boyfriend.

Heart-To-Heart Hugs 

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Embracing your partner in such a way wherein you can feel their heartbeats definitely means that you are really into the person. This hug is a sign of true love and a strong emotional tie.

Side Hug 

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This hug is like a comfortable embrace. This position is more common in acquaintances than friends since it's more approachable and sometimes it may mean that the person isn't romantically interested in you.

Reverse Hug 

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Hugging your partner from behind often indicates trust, love, and stability in the relationship and often points towards a romantic connection.

One-Sided Hug 

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In this type of hug, two people face each other, but only one person is eager to hug the other one. This type of embrace may even mean comforting the other person or at times it can also point towards just a forced hug.

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Moreover, there are hugs like bear hugs which signify adequate emotional attachment, whereas hugging around the waist, provides an opening for someone to make the next move. Researchers say that a hug from someone’s left-hand side is more heartfelt than one from their right.

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