Independence Day 2019 Decoration Ideas For Schools: From Tri-Colour Balloons to Rangoli, Here's How Teachers and Students Can Decorate Classrooms on August 15
Independence day decoration ideas in school (Photo Credits: Rangoli by jyoti Rathod, Raju's DIY YouTube)

Independence Day will be observed with various events and festivities in the country. India celebrates Independence Day on August 15. Schools, colleges, other educational institutions, government organisations, private companies, housing societies observe the day with large scale celebrations and festivities. With the participation of students and teachers, schools and colleges witness a lot of events. Young children dress up as freedom fighters and various talks about the Indian independence struggle are held. And decorating classrooms in the hues of tricolour is a major part of the celebrations. And as the day approaches, we have compiled a list of DIY videos on decorating classrooms on Independence Day 2019.

From making paper flags to using colourful threads and balloons to making beautiful rangolis, here is a list of videos that will help you create decorative things for the upcoming national festival. You can also decorate walls with paper cutouts in the colours of saffron, white and green watching these videos. Independence Day 2019 Office Bay Decoration Ideas: Tri-Colour Rangoli to Balloons, 5 Ways to Decorate Your Workplace on 15th August.

Make DIY Tricolour Map With Wollen Threads:

If you want to create a unique cut of the map of India, we did suggest you go for this one. Stick a plain white paper to cardboard and cut it out in the shape of India. Apply glue to the entire cardboard and stick tricoloured wool on it. You can use it as a wall hanging or simply stick in on pinboard for Independence Day celebrations.

DIY Large Wall Hangings:

If you want to create large wall hangings for your classroom, these simple decorations videos will help you. All you need is colourful papers and some stationery items. These will brighten up your classroom and make them different from the rest.

Independence Day Notice Board Decoration Ideas:

Notice boards are the most decorated pieces in a school, especially during Independence Day. Drawings, paintings and different artworks are put on display on notice boards. Schools can decorate their notice boards much more creatively and give ideas to their students accordingly.

Butterfly Wall Decoration:

This is one of the most simple and beautiful wall hangings that be used to adorn walls during the upcoming national festival. It is easy to make and will instantly become the highlight of the room.

Independence Day Rangoli:

This rangoli video for Independence Day is quite simple to make. The video is self-explanatory which can be made by anyone. You can create this tricolour rangoli outside the classroom or inside rooms also.

Decorate Classrooms With Balloons:

The above video will give you an idea about the ways in which you can decorate your school. You can take inspiration from these picturest to make classrooms look cool this Independence Day.

Schools and colleges witnesses various competitions and celebrations for children. Talks about India's freedom struggle, revolutionaries, culture and traditions are held in lengths. People also dress up in the colours of tricolour observing the day. We wish you a Happy Independence Day in advance.