Independence Day 2019 Office Bay Decoration Ideas: Tri-Colour Rangoli to Balloons, 5 Ways to Decorate Your Workplace on 15th August
Bay decoration in office (Photo Credits: Rangoli by Pooja Totala, Kishan Shah YouTube)

India is preparing for the upcoming Independence Day with large scale celebrations. August 15 will witness various events across the country with different ceremonies being held. Participants dress up in the colours of the tricolour representing the Indian National Flag. People also celebrate the day at work by dressing in the hues of saffron, white and green. Offices arrange various competition encouraging employee interaction. Bay decorations and rangoli competitions are often held in offices. And as the day approaches, we have compiled a list of ideas which you can use while decorating your bay in the office. Everything from balloons, pom poms,  to greeting cards,  we have brought together videos from where you can take ideas to decorate your workplace. Independence Day 2019 Decoration Ideas For Schools and Classrooms: From Tri-Colour Balloons to Rangoli, Here's How Teachers and Students Can Decorate on August 15.

May offices also conduct bay decoration competitions making employees bring out their creative best. People also draw rangolis in the colours of the national flag. Offices are decorated with tricoloured balloons, pom poms and lamps. Some also make handmade greeting cards and other decorative items to make their bay stand out of the rest. With hardly a week left for Independence Day 2019, we have brought together some ideas that can be put into use while decking your bay this festive season.

Ways To Decorate Office Bay on Independence Day

Bay Decoration:

Balloons have always been a great decorative accessory. A bunch of tricoloured balloons can brighten up your working space instantly. You can also choose to add some pom poms or electric lamps on the sides to enhance the look further.

Balloon Decoration:

The above video shows how balloons can be used differently to make your office look cooler. While everyone will choose tricoloured balloons, you can opt for hydrogen balloons. This will instantly make your bay stand out from the rest. As they remain stuck on the ceiling, it will also ensure that the decorations will not interfere with your working space.

Paper Decoration:

If you can spare a little time for decorations, this paper art will do the talking. You can choose to make these paper butterflies in colours of the Indian National flag or otherwise. It's simple to make and will surely make your desk look beautiful.

Tricoloured Rangoli:

Rangolis are a part of most Indian festivals. The beautiful assemble of colours are sure to lift the look of your office bay. While drawing rangolis can be difficult to draw, we have found out a simple one. This tricoloured rangoli can be the perfect artwork to make your desk look cool.

Independence Day Greeting Card:

If you plan to give a handmade greeting card to someone at work, this video will help you make a simple card quickly. You can also choose to put it on your desk and show off your creative skills.

We hope these bay decoration ideas help your desk stand out from the rest. You can also choose to use different accessories and decorative items to add beauty to your desk. We wish everyone celebrating a Happy Independence Day in advance.