Every year, August 12 is observed as International Youth Day across the world. This day focuses on the development and protection of youth. International Youth Day 2020 falls on Wednesday. The theme of IYD 2020 is, “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. The theme seeks to highlight the way in which "the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced."

The United Nations in 1999 designated August 12 as IYD and it serves as an annual day to celebrate the role of youth in our society. This day offers us an opportunity to raise awareness about the problems and challenges faced by youths across the globe.

"I call on leaders and adults everywhere to do everything possible to enable the world’s youth to enjoy lives of safety, dignity and opportunity and contribute to the fullest of their great potential," UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.

This time, Youth Day will be celebrated amid the COVID-19 crisis. Guterres said that "peacebuilders are promoting social cohesion at a time of social distancing, advancing an end to violence globally and advocating harmony at a time of rising hatred."

To celebrate IYD 2020, you can join #31DaysOfYOUth, a social media campaign that will celebrate young people throughout the month of August, to help spread the word and strike up a conversation surrounding youth engagement for global action.

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